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A regular Camp Fawcett attendee 15 year young Benji Rawald of Troop 280 of Del Rio has achieved a milestone and a rare feat that hasn’t occurred in this council in 94 years. Benji earned all 138 merit badges...
Bruce Bradley Troop 237

Dads Get Camp Ready for Boys

We were sent a news article from the early 1960's. The news article title is "Dads Get Camp Ready for Boys." Unfortunately there are no names associated with the photos. Word from Julius Graw and...

Monty Gibson's camp memories from the 1980's

A memory of Camp Fawcett from the 1980’s provided by Monty Gibson. Thanks Monty for sharing and we’re still laughing at some of your stories! Fawcett was a crucial piece of my formative years in Scouting,...


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