Frontiers Day 2017

Frontiers Day started with a thunderous bang! At around 7:00 am May 20th the skies blessed the camp and scouts with a major downpour! Some scouts slept through the storm, one scout leader Roger Ridley of Troop 255 got a little wet, which took him most of the day to dry out.
Some scouts were at the start of fixing breakfast during this downpour and did finish cooking by 8:00 am in time for the flag ceremony at 8:30.

The volunteers of Frontiers Day would like to think Whole Earth Provisions for providing prizes for this event.
Below are random photos of Frontiers Day.

Black Powder was won by Troop 1 of San Angelo

First place winner of Knife throwing was Troop 255 of Del Rio

Jack Johnson teaching Atl Atl.

Park Ranger Jack Johnson also brought displays of spear points

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Springer made a big splash with their Two Forks Chuck Wagon, wherein they gave each scout group an option to make biscuits or Pan de Campo. Scouts mixed and cooked their choice and it was good!


This scout was exceptional at throwing knifes.

Likewise this scout was great at throwing knifes

This troop had completed breakfast and just prior to the downpour set under the eve of the bathhouse.

These scouts came running when called to help unload hay to be used for Atl Atl