June 4, 2016 Reunion

It’s become common for scouts from years past i.e. alumni to attend the annual Camp Fawcett Reunion unannounced. Riley Kothmann who attended camp in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, and who hasn’t been to camp in decades, along with his wife Martha and son came to tour camp and tell of memories past. Also attending from the same camp time period was Scott Slaughter

As has become tradition we were entertained by the Sahawe Dancers. One of the most entertaining during the Sahawe show was Ramon Castro’s young son beating the drum in rhythm with his Father.

Due to fortunate rains prior to and expected during the reunion attendance was 74 people, down from a normal of 180 people.

Ernst Graw, Martha and Riley Kothmann and grandchildren

Riley Kothmann and family noted above.

L-R Mario Morales, Mrs. Ray Smith and Betito Torres

L-R: Scott Conner, Devin Koehler, Billy Conner and Harold Sharp

L-R Russ Tidwell making beans for the Reunion along with adviser Vic Hilderbran

L-R Scott Slaughter and Joe Ray Jones

L-R Mr and Mrs. Raymond Quigg, Ray Smith and Joe Ray Jones

L-R Scout Executive Devin Koehler and Juluis Graw

The fantastic Sahawe's! Note the early starting of drum beats by young Castro - next year we expect to hear him chanting along with his father Ramon!