2016 Frontiers Day

We would like readers, and scouts, to seriously ponder what it takes to conceptualize, to visualize implementation and successfully put on a Camporee/scouting event. Be it the most recent Frontiers Day, Expertise Camporee, Cub Fun Days and/or the Paint Ball Frenzy as to the monumental effort of time consumption required prior to, during and after a event by passionate volunteers who know it’s well worth the effort to engage scouts and create awareness for future scouts.

The two below photos are of Troop 19 the Colter Run winners, along with maverick scout Tyler of Camp Wood

During the Annual Camp Fawcett Frontiers Day, scouts honored those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment per the below video.


Volunteer Danny Williams teaching the use of a two man saw

T255 taking a lunch break

And this is what you missed as a scout if you did not attend Frontiers Day! (they were just setting in the Mule, not driving it)

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