2015 Frontiers Day Prize Gifts

The volunteer organizers and implementers of Frontiers Day would like to thank Whole Earth Provisions for their continual support of this event.

For multiple years and again this year Whole Earth Provisions http://wholeearthprovision.com/ owned by Jack and Joe Ray Jones, Camp Fawcett alumnus, both Eagle Scouts and Vigil’s  have donated a 4 ft x 2 ft box of prizes to be awarded to participants at Frontiers Day. A quick glance of the items includes Powder Horns, Bowie knifes, pocket knives, Toma Hawks, throwing knives, knife sharpening kits and on and on.

The photo below includes a folding survival shovel with case, a Bowie knife, Toma Hawk, Powder horn and a much sought after Colt pocket knife.

Whole Earth Provisions blog http://www.wholeearthprovision.com/news/ uses the term “Giving Back” – yes they certainly do!