Frontiers Day Nov. 15, 2014

Below please find a short video, followed by April and May event announcement and a 26 extended video of Frontiers Day 2014

Before we announce the team and individual winners at Frontiers Day 2014 we would like to mention two other events for April and May 2015 to be held at Camp Fawcett.

Pioneering Camporee to be held April 10th – 12th, 2015
The focus is getting most of the Pioneering Merit Badge completed.  There will be 9 events mostly involving knots, lashings and building.  The highlight will be catapult launching of vegetables.  The guide book and information will be out by winter camp.

Paint Ball Frenzy to be held May 15th – 17th, 2015
This is a obstacle course format that was tested last year for proof of concept on a private ranch as a non-scouting event. Among the events were GPS sniper tracking, wherein youth were given coordinates to different locations of snipers (targets) located in thick brush. Also boarding a Pirate Ship, balancing on 2x4’s to pick and shoot the correct target etc. Events for this Paint Ball Frenzy would be compared to military boot camp. BSA rules and regulations do not allow shooting at each other and this was closely adhered to at the proof of concept event.

Frontiers Day Winners Troops:

Colter Run: Team Troop 255
Tomahawk Throwing: Team Troop 274
Knife Throwing: Team Troop 272
Black Powder: Team Troop 255

Frontiers Day Winners Individuals:

Knife Throwing: 1st Alex Jimenez; 2nd Synaca Avelaz
Tomahawk Throwing: 1st Brenden Paradis; 2nd Alex Jimenez
Black Powder: 1st Dallin Williams; 2nd Benji Rawald
Cannon Ball: 1st Mark Talavera; 2nd Robert Valdez
Caber Toss: 1st Eric Zamarippa; 2nd Alex Owens
Archery: 1st Jerry Gonzales; 2nd Michael Zamarippa