Camp Fawcett Reunion June 2014

Since the inception of the Camp Fawcett Reunion held annually in June of each year alumni of years past have arrived to reconnect with the camp, to share memories and to push for the betterment of the future so that others will have stories to tell.

One such scout of the 1980’s who attended camp and served on staff was Chris Looney, who had not been to Camp Fawcett in decades and is noted in the below photo with his family.

The two girls behind the Looney family L-R is Daina Schwartz of Wall, a recent Silver Beaver recipient and Jo Marie Bradley

Increased numbers of non-scouts, board members and scouting professionals are also attending in increasing numbers as shown the below photo:

L-R Dave Bauer, BSA Regional Director, professional scout serving an area from the Louisiana border to the Texas Panhandle, Lawrence Ray Smith a 1952 Eagle Scout and was with the original group now called the Sahawe's then called the Comanche's, Council Commissioner Mike Dixon and council board member Harold Sharp. Board members attending, but not in the photo was Steve Moynihan. Vic  Hilderbran, Dr. Dean Paret, Brad Bradley and Jerry White.

L-R Robert Fawcett, yes he is a grandson of camp founder E. K. Fawcett and Ramon Castro head of the Sahawe's and Winter Garden District Commissioner.

Notice the young boys above and many more that were not photographed that are not Cub age - another intent of the Camp Fawcett reunion is to expose youth to fun activities that scouting offers. Catch 'em young and retain 'em for Scouts.

Seated L-R Raymond Quigg 1966 Eagle Scout, John Keyes Finegan grandson of camp founder E. K. Fawcett and Joe Ray Jones 1965 Eagle Scout

Deserving a place of prominence is this bronze  bust of camp founder E. K. Fawcett, Silver Beaver recipant and commissioned by John Keyes Finegan.

Julius and Ernest Graw enjoying the Sahawe Dancers. Ernest was with the Sahawe's back in the 1950's. Standing in red shirt Mario Morales who helps with the Sahawe's

Sahawe Eagle Dance in honor of Eagle Scouts, Law Enforcement and Veterans. The young man in front is Moses Fernandez, Jr and was elected Chief of the Sahawe's this year. The young man following Moses is Claude Anderson who actively helps  the Sahawe's.

Sahawe Flag Dance

Obviously these men are proud of Troop 81

Craig Neumeyer can still dance, even though he was never a Sahawe.

Sahawe Dancer George Willemin graciously answering questions from these young people.

To the rescue so tea could be served.

Attendance this year was 118 people.