Frontiers Day '13 Winners/Volunteers

Prior to mentioning the winners of each event and recognizing the volunteers below we had the opportunity to visit with those volunteers who conceptualized and implemented Frontiers Day as to their path of a Frontiers Day or any other future scouting program.

It was conveyed that they group together to bounce ideas and concepts off of each other for fun while learning scouting events. Once a concept is developed, such as Frontiers Day, they in turn link it to a strategic plan so that the event evolves over time, among other things to include scouts the opportunity to hands on build an item or items utilized at Frontiers Day – an item that could possibly be used over their lifetime. In business this concept is referred to as “sell it before you buy it” or with this concept “see if you like it before you build it”.

As conveyed their sole ‘Agenda’ is to make scouting fun with learning programs so as to create more conversational buzz to the masses so that more boys and volunteers will get involved in growing scouting.

Although full details have not been forthcoming from these program oriented volunteers they have a new fun event that will be produced sometime in March or April of 2014. We look forward to more details.

Below is a list of troop and individuals winners at Frontiers Day. {Note: Joe Ray Jones donated the awards and Jim Maxiner made the plaques to place same on}

Roger Ridley Scout Master for Troop 255 accepting winning awards of Black Powder Team Shoot and for the Infamous Colter Run team, noted above and in the below two photos.

Miguel Morales of Troop 181 won the individual Black Powder shooting award.

The below photo is the award for the Tomahawk throw team won by Troop 81

Bryson Cattett won the individual Tomahawk throw award, also of Troop 81

The Knife throw team award went to Troop 222. Jason Mata of Troop 272 won the individual Knife throw award

Individual Cannon Throw award went of Wyatt Barrow of Troop 81

Individual Caber Toss winner was was Jonathan Maywald of Troop 277

The Head Mountain Man in charge, John Davis would like to thank the below volunteers for helping make Frontiers Day a successful fun scouting event:

At'Atl: Jack Johnson with NPS

Chuck Wagon/Dutch over cooking: Wayne Calk and Steve Woods

Black Powder shooting: Bill Love, Tony Van Goethem, Billy Conner, Jeff Isenberger, Fred Knoll, Jr, Mike Kyle and Jim Bradley

Tomahawks: Jim Maxiner

Mule Haul: Vic Hilderbran and "Peaches" Raul Percardo

Knife Throw:  Mountain Man Bob

Cannon Ball throw & Caber toss:  Don Smith & Derrick Knoll

Fire Starting: Tojo Rodriquez

Trading Post: Ann Conner

Photographers:  Luke Billingsley, Wayne Calk and Brad Bradley