Frontiers Day '13 P 2 of 3

Wayne Calk drove a full day to bring his original 1800’s Chuck Wagon, along with food for volunteers and equipment to Frontiers Day. His helper Steve Woods drove a little more than a half a day. Both of these men were educators by trade and did exceptional in explaining the history of the wagon, details of Dutch oven cooking and gave out samples of biscuits and corn dodgers.  Wayne and Steve also fed all volunteers, along with several scouts breakfast, lunch and supper since they cooked more than needed.

Wayne Calk comments:
Please extend to all at Camp Fawcett our sincere gratitude for allowing us to be a part of the Frontier Days this past weekend.  I have been cooking, using my chuck wagon and Dutch ovens, for various occasions, events, and competitions throughout a four state area for well over fifteen years and have never enjoyed an event as much as I did cooking at Camp Fawcett.  The organization of the Frontier Days was exceptional.  The group leaders were beyond our expectations.  They had a very well mannered group of scouts and we were so pleased to interact with these young people.  Our only regrets were that we didn't get to go around and see what else was going on at the various events that were scheduled for the scouts.  There were many bright faces that I will remember among these Boy Scouts.  They were such a pleasure.  Having been in public education as a teacher and an administrator I can truthfully say this event was really special.  I commend all that had a part in Frontier Day's success.  Certainly getting to see so many ole friends from high school was special as well.  Keep up the good work Boy Scouts of America!!

Here’s Wayne’s blog:

Steve Woods explaining how to make and cook Corn Dodgers

Steve Woods comments:
I really enjoyed my day at Camp Fawcett.  The facility is very nice & appropriate, for working with kids, kids of all shapes and sizes, in an outdoor setting.
The kids that came through our CHUCK WAGON CAMP were as well behaved and respectful as any I've worked with, for quite some time.  The SCOUT'S behavior showed me that the SCOUT MASTERS take their job seriously and responsibly, with good results.
The SCOUTS seemed to enjoy learning about DUTCH OVEN & TRAIL COOKING as well as thoroughly convincing us that they liked the food we cooked, during the sessions.
The volunteers were of great help, on Friday, setting up camp and on Saturday, when it was time to load up.
Wayne and I enjoyed feeding the adult's huge appetites.  Cooks always like it when the pots are licked clean.
Thanks for the opportunity to share our love of the outdoors and outdoor cooking with the kids at Camp Fawcett.

Biscuits and black strap molasses

Winter Garden District Exec. John Martinez enjoying breakfast of megas along with Scouts above and below waiting their turn

Breakfast fire L-R: Jim Bradley (black powder), Billy Conner (black powder), Brad Bradley (photographer), Jim Maxiner (tomahawks) and John Davis (head mountain man)