Frontiers Day '13 P 1 of 3

Location, location, location! These three words are preached in the corporate retail business world, but do these three words apply to successful scouting events?

L-R: Jeff Isenberger, Jim Maxiner and Jack Johnson

Perhaps one only needs to look at Sir Robert Baden Powell, the first scout volunteer to pick three words to replace ‘location’. The operative words that apply to successful fun, while learning scouting events are Motivation, Passion, Volunteerism and one might add Dedication. Motivations from Passionate time giving Volunteers who want to make scouting fun, which hatch event ideas, linked to various activities of one event and conceptualize it, while gathering like minded volunteers to handle each station and implement it for youth involved in scouting to have fun while learning.  Isn’t that what Baden Powell did in starting the scouting movement?

Normally when posting on this site for Texas Southwest Council activities related to a completed event only one page is used, but due to the amount of quality photos and write-ups we will run a three {3} part series.


Ann Conner a 1960’s model Eagle Pass Girl Scout and Camp Fawcett alumni managing the Trading Post.

Even the ladies got to shoot black powder as noted in the above and below photos.

knife throwing demo

This young scout was a fantastic knife thrower!

Caber toss and cannon ball throwing.

Fire starting.

The below two photos are referred to as the Mule Haul event wherein scouts must lace together cedar staves and haul someone.

A volunteer went to a great deal of time to build the below Log Roll for use at Frontiers Day, however because of the potential for someone to get hurt it was not used, other than in the below photo. The Log Roll might be a functional event if the log and holder were placed at ground level.