Giving back to Frontiers Day 2013

We in scouting are fortunate to have Scouting and Camp Fawcett alumni who want to give back of their time, knowledge and wisdom to benefit the future.

Last year and again this year at Frontiers Day  will be Bill Love a 1950’s Camp Fawcett alumni and the 2002 National Black Powder Shooting Champion returning, along with two other National Black Powder competitors Roland Mendel and Tony, all of which are certified black powder instructors.

Tony, Roland and Bill providing a slid show, with verbal input as to the history of black powder and instructions as to proper use, prior to live fire at the temporary black powder range.

Roland and Tony providing firing line instructions while keeping a watchful eye as to proper handling and shooting.

Chuck Wagon Dutch oven cooking: What more could Scouts attending the Dec. 14th Frontiers Day Camporee ask for than to have a Chuck Wagon competitor who has appeared on the Food Network, has participated in numerous State and National competitions in Chuck Wagon Dutch oven cooking. Wayne, as President of the American Chuck Wagon Association will be headed to Canada to represent US Chuck Wagon interest in mid October. Wayne Calk, a 1960’s Fawcett alumnus has had a long term passion for Chuck Wagon’s and Model TT’s.

Wayne will be at Frontiers Day with his Chuck Wagon to demonstrate Dutch oven cooking while providing details of how, why and the when of Dutch oven cooking and as an added caveat he will also feed the volunteer staff. {If Wayne is not too busy at Frontiers Day you might get him to tell a memory from back in the 1960’s of placing a boy and his cot in the river overnight}

To read an interesting, humorous story related to one of Wayne’s exploits go to this link:

Thank you Bill and Wayne for giving back because of your memories and desire to benefit the future. And a big thank you to the dedicated visionary volunteers for hatching ideas for events and implementing them.

For registration and details of the Dec. 13th – 14th, 2013 Frontiers Day go to this link: