Camp Tractor & Mower

Council camps are nice entities to any council for use as summer camps, camporee’s, a daily outing or for weekend camping. The hitch in the get-along is when items need to be moved from one camp to another camp for events, which is the case with the Texas Southwest Council camps of Camp Sol Mayer and Camp Fawcett. Both of these camps are miles and hours apart – it is not cost effective, nor does it provide a good return on investment to shuttle items between camps, more especially with factoring in other council operating expenses.

Although we are sad for the circumstances that created the need for the Taylor Nunley Memorial we are happy for both the Council and Camp Fawcett that the Camp Fawcett Foundation was able to purchase a Kabota four-wheel drive tractor, with front end loader and mower for use at Camp Fawcett through the Taylor Nunley Memorial.

The addition of this tractor will avoid the time and expense to haul the mower that is maintained at Camp Sol Mayer to Camp Fawcett for mower use prior to events. As time progresses it is hoped that both camps will be fully equipped to eliminate the costly logistical need to shuttle items between camps.