Journalism & Water

Impressions are made by the way individuals, or in this case a Scout presents words. Michael Hill, Troop 153 of Ozona, Texas prepared the below as part of his Journalism Merit Badge.

Apparently the water Olympics made an impression since he referenced it twice in his write up.

Michael Hill
Troop 153 of Ozona, Texas

Summer camp at Camp Fawcett

            From the water Olympics, to the daily flag program, everything at Camp Fawcett is what a Boy Scout likes about summer camp.  Even since the first day troop 153 was having fun. When we, meaning troop 153, got here we could see this wasn’t going to be an ordinary summer camp. There was something special about Camp Fawcett. There was just something about Camp Fawcett that makes it interesting. It could be the way it looks, or maybe it’s the history of the camp. Most scouts can remember stories their father or uncle or both told them about their summer camp at Camp Fawcett.

            There are a lot of things different about Camp Fawcett from the stories told, and the great camp it is today. Not to say it wasn’t a great camp back when, but with the change in generation the camp changed with it, even after a 12 year absence. 

            The events here at Camp Fawcett are like none other than I have come to know at other camps. The water Olympics was a well thought out idea and was a lot of fun for everyone here at camp. The classes here were also a lot of fun for everyone, just everything here was far better than I expected. This week has been great for everyone, and could only happen at Camp Fawcett.

Sincerely Michael Hill,

Troop 153, Ozona, Texas

Possibly one of the water Olympics Michael was referring to is related to the above photo. It is the greased Water melon event.  Notice in the water the Black Diamond Watermelons that appear to be white. Instead of using Vaseline they used pure white Lard~!!


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This was a very fun event