What 50 years means.

Easily one could state that 50 years equals .5882% of the 85 years that Camp Fawcett came into being, but there is more to it than that.

Camp Fawcett Alumni keep returning to Camp Fawcett year after year in greater numbers as word spreads, starting about four years ago when the Reunion was put in place. Prior to that most had not been to Camp Fawcett in decades.

Most Scouts attend camp for 3 to 5 years for a week of summer camp, plus weekends – obviously there was nothing boring. Some became summer camp Staff members and attended for near a decade while making it fun for others. There are many reasons Camp Fawcett Alumni return to walk in their footsteps from decades ago.

Happy memories are the short answer, but in reality it was great volunteers like energetic dedicated Scout Masters, knowledgeable fun loving Summer Camp Staff, great Scouting friends, parents and the uniqueness of Camp Fawcett. More importantly alumni have stated that summer camp was never ever boring – it was fun. It was fun because the Camp Director, Program Director and staff made summer camp a memorable fun loving experience. Scouts hungered for the next summer camp. From what we have heard from summer camp volunteers a new era of summer camp fun will start this month.

When these boys, now men attended summer camp the cost was $12.50. For summer camp 2013 the cost is $210 which is a low figure when compared to other camps. Most summer camp fees range from a low of $350 to $450.00 and considering activities offered and associated costs is a fair figure. Camp Fawcett summer camp felt that could put on a great program, cost effectively for $210 per Scout.

Now back to the 50 year reference.  The below photo was taken June 1st, 2013 at Camp Fawcett of Craig Neumeyer and Russell Tidwell, both Camp Fawcett Alumni and both well respected men in their given fields. The second photo was taken approximately 50 years prior.

L-R: Larry Herrington, Dale Dodson, Craig Neumeyer and Russell Tidwell of Troop 237 of Del Rio.