June 1st, 2013 Reunion

What started as a Reunion for Camp Fawcett Alumni has evolved into a well rounded networking gathering of not only alumni, but also Scouts, parents and Council Board members.

Below are random photos.

Council Board meeting L-R Rick Reeve Scout Executive, Harold Sharp, Brenda White, President Joe Will Ross, Jim Bradley, Jerry White and John Gilbreath.

John Keyes Finegan grandson of E. K. Fawcett. Summer camp volunteers felt it important to reflect history. The tent is a rendition of what Mr. Fawcett slept in when he attended summer camp.

L-R: Billy Conner, Gary Humphreys, Brad Bradley, John Keyes Finegan, Vic Hilderbran, Joe Ray Jones, Jim Maxiner and Betito Torres.

John Martinez DE for Winter Garden and Thomas Cornejo DE for Amistad District

Mark Bowden new District Executive for Concho Valley (the one on the left, not the handsome cowboy on the right {Brad Bradley})

Billy Conner our morning coffee supplier

Mike Kyle our supplier for breakfast and Saturday night supper.

Jim Maxiner Camp Director and Betito Torres Program Director for summer camp. We had no idea how much time and training goes into this, plus the back end things that must be completed. They went for a week to camp school and then a week prior to summer camp they have another week of training for staff. And to think we thought it was easy, just show up and have fun. These men could write a book~!

Pitmasters Braxton and Chanc Bradley, with Windy Reeve wanting to be the first to get a sample. ha ha

Gary Humphreys and Joe Will Ross

John Martinez and Jim Maxiner

Jayden (possible future Aggie), his fish and grandfather "Watermelon" Luke Billingsley

J. L. Love and Watermelon Luke defining the size of a tomato vs a watermelon

Ray Smith and Betito Torres

Unloading brand new picnic tables at Camp Fawcett

L-R Scott Conner, Chanc Bradley, Joe Will Ross and Braxton Bradley kayaking from camp to the Hwy 55 bridge

Braxton Bradley, age 16 of The Bradley Clan