Watermelon vs Tomato June 1st, 2013

If you’ve never been to a Camp Fawcett Reunion to camp out with sons, grandsons, old and new friends you have no idea of the amount of fun loving joking and cutting up that goes on. We try to create the same environment and provide information during the Saturday main event.

All food, utensils and drinks are provided by volunteers, most of which are Camp Fawcett alumni. We will have more photos of the gathering in another week.

With hopes that we do not miss someone that provided items – below is the list of givers:

John Keyes Finegan – all plates, silver ware and napkins for Saturday.
Joe Ray Jones – peaches
Ray Smith – all drinks
Billy and Ann Conner – beans, potato salad and coffee
The Bradley Family - Friday night pork chops and Saturday pork ribs
Pit Masters – Chanc and Braxton Bradley
J. L. Love for bringing his much needed and used Club Car.
Mike Kyle – Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast and Saturday night meal
Joe Will Ross – Friday night beans (please refer to what John Keyes Finegan brought for Saturday lunch of which it was fun to watch us eat beans with our fingers Friday night for lack of plates and utensils. In all fairness they were absolutely fantastic with the Saturday meal when we had plates and silver ware. ) Be prepared~!

Now there is more to this story of who volunteered and said they would bring what: Vic Hilderbran brought water melons and Stewart 'Luke' Billingsley , 1961 Eagle Scout brought tomatoes. The tomatoes were the best we’ve had in a while.

The rest of the story: Luke, weeks ago, said “I’ll bring 10 watermelons.” Obviously Vic had to fill in the gap left by Luke.  Luke took lots of fun loving ribbing ‘cause of him not knowing the difference between a watermelon and a tomato. Below is the photo that goes with this story: