Competition Camporee April 19th-20th, 2013

Texas Southwest Council District Executive Thomas Cornejo was responsible for developing and putting on this Competition Camporee.

A total of seven Troops attended from Sonora, Eagle Pass, Del Rio and Uvalde representing 42 Scouts and 21 adults.

Events were typical BSA format and consisted of Flag Ceremony, Scout Law and Oath games, First Aid, a memory game referred to as Kim’s game wherein Scouts place the Scout Law in proper order, canoe competition based on a timed event and a Chariot race.

Unique to this Camporee was that two Troop Patrols from different Troops were paired together to figure out how to work as a cohesive unit during competition i.e building service as team players.

As to the weather Thomas and others said it was “Cold” and only one Scout was bold enough to jump in the Nueces.

Below are random photos.