Order of the Arrow Tap out Crew

We have been seeking photos of OA Tap out Crews from years gone by, as well as more recent photos.

Tap Out Team Back row, L to R: 1?, 2 ?, 3 Julius Graw, 4 Meyer - From San Angelo, 5 Frank Newton - Del Rio, 6 ?, 7 ? (Uvalde?), 8 Bill Burdit – Leakey, 9 Lee Graves – Leakey, 10 ?, 11 ? (Let us know if you can identify others)

This photo was taken back in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s and was provided to us by Julius Graw originally of Uvalde Troop 81, a 1960 Eagle Scout and a 1961 Vigil. Please send us photos of your OA Tap out Crew.

Take a close look at this photo of the Camp Fawcett Nueces River swimming hole – there is no gravel bar as there is now.

This photo taken at Camp Fawcett summer camp is the retreat ceremony in the late 50’s or early 1960’s