Frontier Days December 8, 2012

The below write-up provided by Humberto Torres, Jr.

         Camp Fawcett hosted the first Frontier Days Scout event. This Mountain Man rendezvous brought together many people, as troops, from Uvalde, Del Rio, Camp Wood, Eagle Pass, Junction, and Menard.

Units arrived on Friday evening. The next morning Scouts rotated as units through 7 events, many of them similar to activities at a typical rendezvous of 1825 to 1840, which included:  Action Archery where Scouts shot at wild boar and deer, Black powder shooting, Tomahawk throwing where one could hear the Whoops, Cannonball thrust, Caber toss, Winter’s Supply, and Wells Fargo.

Reason for the event's popularity is that many of the skills learned by mountain men and in Scouting focus on being at home in the outdoors, which Camp Fawcett has recently adopted the phrase, “Surround yourself with the Outdoors!”

Throughout the day the sound of Black Powder gunfire, echoed through the camp. Black-powder-rifle shooting was one of the most popular events, including a Flint Lock rifle. Thanks goes to the 2002 National USA Black Powder Shooting Champion Bill Love an alumni of Camp Fawcett since the 1950's, along with two black powder USA competitors Roland Mendel and Tony, all of which are certified instructors.. Starting at 8:00 AM on December the 8th these men presented a detailed slide show of how a muzzle loader functions, proper loading, handling and shooting procedures, along with history of rifle use. This slide presentation lasted about an hour to the undivided attention of everyone present.

After completion of all events on Saturday and as units gathered for home made Sarsaparilla, participants were asked what they enjoyed and which elements could be improved. The outpour of suggestion and appreciation from all the youth is greatly appreciated and is being reviewed to enhance next year’s 2nd Annual Frontier Days. It’s never too early to prepare for next year!

The reaction of many scouts and leaders came in the form of the following:

"I would love to come back next year. When’s the next one?"

“Can we come back and camp at Fawcett whenever?”

"This type of activity helps commit boys to Scouting. Once you get people coming, they keep coming."

“We were extremely impressed with the fun events this weekend- makes us wish we were younger and could be Scouts again!”

 “Now, I remember why I wanted to be a Scout in the first place, thanks Grandpa!”