Chesapeake Energy Donation

One of the most respected thoughts people of any given community or trade area have is of those companies that give back for the betterment of all. A prime example of a company that is founded on giving back, as its most valued principal, and as more than just a corporate citizen is Chesapeake Energy.

A reputation for a large company, such as Chesapeake Energy is rightfully earned as one of the most philanthropic and generous companies in the US, not only within the energy industry, but any industry.

In life we soon learn that there are “Users & Givers” of society, whether as individuals, or as companies. Chesapeake Energy obviously cares for the communities where it operates and the people whose lives Chesapeake touches in their desire to give back to ensure a stronger today and an energized tomorrow. Chesapeake Energy employees are known to be involved in the communities and trade areas they serve for their time giving efforts to improve the lives of others. Personal time giving is just as valuable an asset as monetary gifts and reflects well on the company.

On December 8, 2012 at Camp Fawcett, Don Laffere, a 1967 Eagle Scout originally of Uvalde Troop 81, a Camp Fawcett Alumni and a key employee of Chesapeake Energy donated on behalf of Chesapeake Energy to the Camp Fawcett Foundation $8,000.00. Accepting the donation was Brad Bradley Chairman of the Camp Fawcett Foundation, along with Directors John Keyes Finegan, Jim Maxiner, Ramon Castro, Vic Hilderbran, Ray Smith, Dr. Dean Paret and Joe Ray Jones - and a large group of Scouts and Scout Volunteers.

These funds will be utilized to insure funding is available for continued Scouting activities at Camp Fawcett, such as the Frontier Men event held on December 8, 2012 and the June 2013 Camp Fawcett Summer Camp. Summer Camp has not been held at Camp Fawcett in over a decade and the excitement generated this weekend at the Frontier Men event suggests summer camp will be a roaring success.

The below photo represents only a small portion of the 2,183 Scouts within the Texas Southwest Council – these Scouts were more than thankful for Chesapeake’s caring enough to lend support to Camp Fawcett Scouting as evidenced in the below photo. (All of the boys on the front row wearing the blue T-Shirts are the newest Scout Troop from Camp Wood).

Let us tell you a little more about Chesapeake Energy Corporation.  Chesapeake is the second largest producer of Natural Gas, the 11th largest producer of oil and natural gas liquids and the most active driller of new wells in the US.

The Scout Slogan states “Do a good turn daily” – it is obvious Chesapeake Energy provided us a “good turn” by providing us much needed monetary help through their kind donation, and now it is our turn to promote the positive attributes of Chesapeake Energy to all in ear shot of us, and if you see a Chesapeake Energy employee offer a hearty thanks.