OA Fall Ordeal Oct 5th-7th, 2012

Camp Fawcett hosted the Order of the Arrow Wahinkto lodge. There were 71 members there with 22 as Ordeal candidates and 9 brotherhood candidates the rest are just cheerful service doers. Thanks to the OA work at camp the upcoming events at Camp Fawcett are good for the show. Some of these projects are the brand new fence and then a whole new water line added to the grounds. Another project was redoing a trail from Smiley campsite to Maddox’s Mound. After removing the old cook’s cabin we played volleyball where the Brotherhood members showed their strength by taking out the Ordeals and the LEC members. When night falls and the Indians arrived the ceremonies began and the new found brothers meet us at the circle. The food at fall ordeal was great thanks to all the volunteers that came out and cooked for us. From the entire LEC a big thank you to everyone who came out and all the hard work they did.

Yours in brotherhood
Lodge Chief Bob Torres

The below photo was taken around 1974 to 1976 of Bob Kamensky of San Angelo who was on the Camp Fawcett Staff and was involved in OA. The photo was taken at the “OA Calling Out Ceremonies or Tap Out Ceremonies” ring which was near the swimming hole in the lower portions of Camp Fawcett.

Ordeal and Brotherhood was held at a different OA Ring near the water building.

Bob would hide in a shallow spot dug into the ring with a hide or tarp over him and covered with dust and grass trimmings.  At the appropriate time Bob would jump up as if he came out of nowhere. You can see Bob swinging the tarp/hide behind him in the below photo.

Thanks go to http://www.westtexasscoutinghistory.net/  and Frank Hilton for providing the photo and details.