New Camp Fawcett Overseer/caretaker

Ronny Watson

Ronny attended the most recent Camp Fawcett Reunion held June 3rd at the urging of Julius and Ernst Graw, formally of Uvalde.  It was the first time Ronny had been at Camp Fawcett in years.

After several people visited with Ronny he was asked if he would like to be involved with Camp Fawcett in some form, he said “yes”. Ronny was introduced to Ranger Mike Wallace and given a tour of Camp Fawcett, along with minor schooling on facilities and operations. Ronny passed all requirements and is now working for the benefit of Council as a staff member at Camp Fawcett.

Ronny grew up in Uvalde and was a member of Troop 81 which attended Camp Fawcett on a regular basis. He is happy to be involved as overseer/caretaker of Camp Fawcett. Ronny attained the rank of Life Scout and was involved in OA.  He has served as Cub Scout Commissioner and Scoutmaster. Ronny retired in Barksdale and lives less than ¼ from the entrance to Camp Fawcett.

Ronny started his career in the US Navy Submarine Service where he served seventeen years in active and reserve service in the US Navy. Thereafter his career included that of an electronic tech, tech writer, home and apartment builder, and motel and restaurant owner.

Let’s welcome Ronny to his new staff position.