Council Troop 71 & Totem Poles

Julius Graw,. originally of Uvalde, sent us this photo of Council Troop 71 attending the 1960 Jamboree.

Notice the two Totem Poles on each side of the photo that were used as a gateway at the Jamboree? The one on the left was made by Julius, while the one on the right was made a few years before by a Del Rio Scout. Who was the Del Rio Scout?

Both of these Totem Poles were given to Camp Fawcett and were anchors for decades, not only at the entrance, but also at the OA ring during tap out and other activities.  Can anyone provide details as to what happened to the Totem Poles?

Frank Hilton who setup and manages was kind enough to send us a link that lists all Scouts that attended the 1960 Jamboree

Two Eagle Scouts originally of Uvalde Troop 81, being Mike Harris, a 1961 Eagle and Sumner Hunter, a 1963 Eagle felt after 52 years they could identify most of the Scouts in this 1960 Jamboree photo, as noted below:

Front row L-R: Julius Graw, Harry Pierce, Oscar Vickery, John Donaldson, -?-, -?-, -?-, -?-, Steve Brown, -?- and Mike Harris.

Middle Row L-R: David Shaw, Baxter Bennett, Billy Huddleston, Carson Bennett (?), -?-, Bill Ballard, Richard Senter(?), Bob McNeil, Don Smith, -?-, -?- and -?-

Standing L-R: -?-, John (?), Fred Whitecotton, -?-, Norman Morse (?), -?-, TENT, -?-, -?-, Ernst Graw, -?-, Gary Spring. Tommy Ridgeway and -?-

Sixteen Scouts have not been identified, as noted with -?-, along with four they are not sure of the names are noted a (?) after the name.  Please let us know if you can fill in the remaining names by using the “Contact us” icon at the bottom of the page.

June 2nd we will hold our annual gathering at Camp Fawcett. One goal of this annual reunion is to re-unify those who have shared the unique experience of Camp Fawcett in our “remote past”.  People we may never have met, but for this gathering, enable us all to envision a broader pallet upon which we can paint this fond memory. Our second goal is to create awareness to young Scouts of the attributes of Camp Fawcett.

This June 2nd, as in the past a free BBQ will be provided for the noon meal and San Angelo girls Venture Crew 412 will provide desert. Additionally we’ll have comments from several involved parties including our Texas Southwest Council President Joe Will Ross and Council CEO Rick Reeve.

For those with a remote past that still feel they have what it takes - overnight camping is available Friday and Saturday nights. In fact two Camp Fawcett icons, Ernst and Julius Graw will be camping with us Friday night.

Please let us know if you are attending by contacting Brad Bradley [email protected]