Expertise Camporee April 20th-21st, 2012

A testament to the need for a Camporee was more than evident at Camp Fawcett with over 120 Scouts in attendance. Vic Hilderbran of Troope 81 (Uvalde) was instrumental in promoting and making sure this Camporee filled the needs of Scouts, while having fun. Vic stated "Had it not of been for the Assistant Scout Master of Troop 81, Taylor Nunley, this Camporee would not of come off as successfully as it did. He is an asset to young men of today and to Camp Fawcett."

Below is a list of the activities in which Scouts participated:

  • Troop Campsite Rescue
  • Troop Escape Smiley Island
  • Troop Fire Bug
  • Troop GillyWump Campsite
  • Troop Lashing Travois Race
  • Troop Old Glory
  • Troop Robin Hood Archery
  • Individual Robin Hood Archery
  • Troop Texas Lawmen
  • Individual Texas Lawmen
  • Troop Scout Puzzle
  • Troop Titanic
  • Team Titanic
  • Troop Spirit
  • Super Scout
  • Super SM

As anyone who has ever taken a dip in the Nueces is well aware that it is COLD, even in the heat of summer, but more especially in April when you have a Troop or Team event referred to as Titanic!  The Titanic required overturning a canoe and up righting it.

Below are random photos of the Camporee:

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It was such a refreshing sight to come to Camp Fawcett once again and see it
being used for what it was meant to be used for.
It was the answer of my prayers to drive up and see boys working at scout
activities, working together to get a project completed.
I personally would like to commend Vic Hilderbran for a job well done. Along
with all the Scoutmasters who gave of their time so that these young men
could come and participate in good wholesome activities.
Thank you,
John K. Finegan