Mess Hall late 1950's

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We received the below photo last week without any names attached. Apparently the photo was taken in the V. A. Brown Mess Hall in the late 1950's or early 1960's. We are hoping that someone can help supply us names, the approximate year and Troop numbers involved.

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Table #3 Scoutmaster Bruce Bradley-TROOP 237 Del Rio - Mike Young- Robert Payne- Walter McGonagill Second Row ? maybe J.L. Love ? Table#4 Staff William Conner (Billy Titt) Bubba Tidwell

Table #3 in front of Walter McGonagill in white tshirt is H.T. Green. Kid looking into camera across from Bruce Bradley is Steve Kubenka. Table # 2 is troop from Sabinal Adult at end of table is something like Oliver?

Billy Connor first row facing camera. Your dad at table. Straight > across from him is Sam Swinson. Next to Sam in the checkered shirt > with his back to the camera is me. next to me facing the camera is H.T. Green. > Behind H.T. on the other side of the table is Walter McGonagill. The > two kids in between Walter and your dad, I don't remember their names.

you know, that might be steve kubenka, i thought it was sam swinson. oh, well, getting old, and getting old and oh, i forget.

1962 was the first year I went to Camp Fawcett, and then in '63, '64, and '65. That does look like Steve Kubenka. I recognize other faces but cannot remember names. I think the photo is from '62. Don ALbert, Eagle Scout, 1965

Clarence was the camp site judge and worked in the photo lab at Laughlin Air Force Base

Back left hand corner is Bobo McCarson originally from Comstock, TX