Webelos Woods 2011

     On October 28th and 30th, 2011 a Weblos Woods will be held at Camp Fawcett. Details noted below:

The Webelos Woods is for 4th, 5th Webelos and Boys Scout Troop partners.

This is a fun event for Webelos and Boy Scouts.  Packs that do not have partner Troops will be assigned a Troop Partner.  The fee will be (Early Bird Fee) $6.00 per person including leaders. A Patch for event will be ordered after event.

All Adults staying overnight must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America. Visitors (parent) may not stay over night unless they are registered as leader with Boy Scouts.

We will have a campfire program Saturday night without an open fire. NO OPEN FIRES DUE TO BURN BAN.

Please have your Patrol or Den prepare a song or Skit to perform.  Pat Ramos is event Chairman 830-591-3160.

Call the Gerardo Martinez (830)279-1824 to Confirm attendance by October 22, 2011 or call the Council Office at 800-321-7107 The Fee will be $11.00 per person after Oct. 22, 2011

On Friday evening you will arrive after 6:00 PM and report to First Aid Building for campsite assignment.   We will need a rooster of all Scouts and Leaders in Campsites for Packs and Troops.  The Units must provide own meals, they will cook in the campsites.


  1. U. S., troop and patrol flags.
  2. If you are supervising an event, you are required to bring, or coordinate with someone to bring required materials.
  3. Each Scout needs a neckerchief, or the Den or patrol needs to bring triangular bandages for first aid relay.
  4. Five eight (8) foot ropes use for lashings.
  5. A Scout hand book or Webelos handbook.
  6. One compass for each patrol.

Webelos Dens may make arrangements with partner troops for supplies not available to Dens.


  1. Each troop is responsible for the set-up and clean up of their own campsite.  The Boy Scouts will assist the Webelos Dens.  You should have menus prepared for meals.  Clean up and cooking will be done in camp.  You must remove your own trash.  You must appropriate cold storage for Food.
  2. Camp water is potable.  You may want to bring own drinking water.  The camp has running water, toilets, and showers.
  3. No lanterns or open flames are permitted in tents.  Fuel will be stored in safety approved containers, and use will monitored by Adults.
  4.  No open fires will be used in camp.  Fire buckets and tools must be located near each camp site.  A camp fire marshal must be appointed for each campsite.  No open Live fires will be allowed at any time
  5. The river is off limits for Scouts.  No Swimming. 
  6. Plants and animals will not be disturbed or damaged in any way.
  7. The buddy system is in effect.  Scouts may not leave campsites or Fawcett with out permission from Adult leaders.  Appropriate adult leaders must accompany all youth.
  8. Have a parent permission form and BSA health form in your hands.

Saturday morning reveille will be 7:00 AM

7:30 to 9:45 AM Breakfast and Clean up.  Flag ceremony will be at 10:00 AM.    Demonstrations will begin at 10:15 AM.  Lunch will be 12:00 to 1:00 PM. At 5:00 PM Scouts return to campsite for Supper.  Camp will close at noon on Sunday.  Gerardo Martinez will have a cell phone at camp (830)279-1824 (camp contact).


  1. Patrols must consist of at least 4 Scouts.
  2. Troops and Dens may borrow to complete patrols.
  3. Events will be Scout Skills.  Time will be kept only to recognize fastest.
  4. Each patrol will report with patrol flag and yell.

After the completion of this event photos and other details will be posted as a separate article. It's nice to see utilization of Camp Fawcett. In fact October 7th thru the 10th there is OA activity, with complete details and photos to follow after completion of OA.