New Council Name Suggestions

As noted in remarks presented by CVC President Joe Will Ross, on this site, one of his goals is: "Changing the Council name to be more reflective of our region."

Considering the ever present overuse of the term 'political correctness' no Native American names, nor names reflective of the past such as Robert E. Lee may be used.

This is your opportunity to suggest new names that would reflect inclusiveness of the 23-1/2 counties the council represents.

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Below are suggested new council names provided by the below parties:

Danny Williams of Del Rio - Texas Highlands Council

Steve Moynihan of Del Rio – Trans Pecos Council

John Keyes Finegan of Kerrville – West Texas or Southwest Council

Joe Will Ross of Wall – Great Southwest or Vast Southwest Council



I Would like to see the name of the Concho Valley Council changed to Southwest Council

Change from Concho Valley to Southwest Council.

My choice is: Southwest Texas Council