Camp Fawcett 2011 Reunion

It was an exciting weekend on June 4, 2011 for our second Camp Fawcett Reunion; with over 70 turning out, with a handful camping Fri. and or Sat. night. The attendees were mostly alumni of Camp Fawcett (CF) not currently actively involved with Scouting but with a strong interest in CF, its development and continued use.

Above: Rick Reeve, Concho Valley Boy Scout Council Scout Executive/CEO

All Fawcett Family members, Scout leaders, Scouts, Mario Morales (Concho Valley Council ‘CVC’ Program Chair), Gerardo Martinez (CVC Senior District Executive), Mike Wallace (CVC Camp Ranger), Rick Reeve (CVC Scout Executive/CEO), and his whole family and the Camp Fawcett Trustees were recognized. Gerardo made some positive comments. Rick’s comments concerning the CVC Strategic Plan and the Capital Campaign were well presented and absorbed with applause.

Joe Ray Jones (standing left with cowboy hat on) went through the youth Scouting program in CVC and continues to be active with the Capital Area Council in Austin. Joe Ray and his brother Jack own Whole Earth Provision Company, which are located in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston and bring a business approach to our efforts.

Joe Ray also very plainly stated that during his over 50 years involved in Scouting that he had seen lots of scout Executives.  And that Scout Executives come in a wide variety of styles and abilities and that CVC was very fortunate to have someone with Rick’s caliber, energy and enthusiasm.  During and after there were numerous positive comments about what Rick has accomplished not only for CF, but more so for the Council.

Joe Ray talked about educating adults returning to Scouting about program financing – and adult Scouting responsibility to fund and raise money to make Scouting work.  He talked about Friends of Scouting (FOS) and used Gerardo as a live example of how easy it is to give to FOS, while handing him a donation.  He then talked about the importance of the CVC Capital Campaign.

Joe Ray also gave an example Austin’s Capital Campaign wherein they only targeted money for one project, being the service center. He mentioned that targeting only one use of funds hurt fund raising for Austin and he didn’t want the same to occur related to CF – and therefore the CF Trustees, in addition to the active promotion of the general CVC Capital Campaign, would be available to receive any Capital Campaign funds from those who were more exclusively interested in CF funding.

He then called Rick up and made a donation to the CVC General Capital Campaign and showed how easy it was to do so.

There was a CF Trustees meeting prior to our BBQ gathering, which included CVC Executive Board members Brad and Dean and CVC Camp Ranger Mike Wallace.  Ray Smith presented a folder with a price of $190k to upgrade CF, but did not include the water system, or their bid of $204k for a new latrine. Ray also produced a CF camp map plan of a Master Plan for CF dated 1970, which reflected campsites etc.

It was suggested that consideration should be given to a current electronic Master Plan to include property line survey, location of all structures and facilities, mapping of the underground water and electrical lines in electronic form for easy use and transfer.

Current ADA BSA requirements are needed.

The CF Master Plan also needs:

Time line and priority of work to be done.

Chain of command and sign off system to proceed with work.

Establish new location, linked to Master Plan for location of the new Shower/Restroom.

The CF Board of Trustees provided BBQ and fixins and everyone enjoyed lots of food and fellowship and exercised their responsibilities to make their FOS donations that kept Gerardo busy writing up receipts.

Scout Alumni touring Camp Fawcett shared these comments:

  1. Buildings need maintenance and a regular program for same.
  2. Water filtration system and storage room therein has been tampered with so many times, apparently to make work that a professional needs to be hired to fix it.
  3. Under TNRCC rules a licensed professional is required to monitor this facility for functionality and water quality. The question was asked ‘who is this person?’ This does not effect the Camp Ranger, nor Camp Masters from operating the system, but rather a TNRCC required check and balance.
  4. Two exposed dumps were discovered with trash that is not Scout related.
  5. Seven deer feeders and six deer blinds did not set well with Scout Alumni and questioned if day hunting was happening versus during their scouting years Camp Fawcett was a game preserve.
  6. What happened to the Totem Poles at the front entrance?

Ricks new in-house Venturing Crew was also in attendance including a long swim at the waterfront in the crystal clear and cool waters of the Nueces.

We would like to thank Billy Conner for taking all of the photos at this event and please remember to attend our next annual Camp Fawcett Reunion June 2012. Below are random photos of the reunion.

























































Pitmaster Heath Bradley