Camp Fawcett Song

What are the words to the Camp Fawcett song?


This question came up during our first Camp Fawcett Reunion held in 2010 and included the below responses:


Ed Palmer: I recall it very close, but the first words sounded more "Kelly, Kelly" here's what I've always sung to my children...when no one's around.....

"Kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly, wash, wash, wash, wash,Kay ya, kim kom ka-wa.  Hail to Camp Fawcett, Camp Fawcett, polly wa!"

And I only remember the "Humpas" as an interlude between verses and as background to a singing the first (only) verse again.

Other camp songs... The Happy Wanderer... I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when it's hot... (etc). And Bob McNeil forcing us to learn the Aggie War Hymn before being allowed to swim (I didn't even know what an Aggie was for several more years!)... I bet I think of others as the next few days pass along.

Wynn Anderson (1964 Eagle Scout originally from Del Rio T-237)

I remember something like this:

"Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,Kelly, Wash, Wash, Wash. Wash, Keh yah kum kim 
kah wah. Hail to Camp Fawcett, Camp Fawcett, pollywog.
Some kids did the oompa in the back ground.