Camp Fawcett Year One

My father, Jack B. Jones, Sr., went to Camp Fawcett when he was 12 years old in 1928, the first year of Camp Fawcett Summer Camp.  He went with his Scoutmaster and three other troop members in a Model A Ford from Brackettville.  Today this trip takes just a little over an hour.  In 1928 on graded gravel roads in the Model A took them over 5 hours.  That time included four flat tires.  He said that changing the tire did not take long but hiking around each time with the inner tube to find a creek to fix the patch on the hole and then check for leaks added quite a bit of time to their trip.

His troop camped in Army tents provided by the Army Base at Fort Clark.

He reported that they swam in the river right off a dirt bluff where the waterfront is today.  He remembered having a big council fire and singing songs.  He said he remembered everybody was real excited to be at camp. 


Dad said there was a central cook with experience in cooking for large numbers from the military and everyone ate under a shelter that was part lean to / brush arbor and part tent structure with long tables made of boards. 




He also said he remembered having a real Indian that was at camp and lived in his own teepee.  {Chief Red Eagle pitched his tee-pee with real skins over the frame.  The tee-pee was located about 100' South of the present First Aid Lodge.  He brought his wife with him.  As a lad of 11 years of age, he was captured by a roving band of Apache Indians, and remained as a member of that and the Comanche tribes until 20 years of age when he was returned to his mother.  His story of his adventures was told at the evening campfires.}

There were also instructional sessions on things like basic first aid, knots and wildlife.  We have his Scout belt from then and when they accomplished a task they would paint a little symbol on their belt, adding the next one all around.

His fond memories of his Scouting days at Camp Fawcett had a profound effect on his early years and he made sure both his sons became Scouts, went to Camp Fawcett attended a National Jamboree and became Eagles.  As an adult he worked on the District level with fund raising and served on the Executive Board of Concho Valley Council as a representative from Del Rio.